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Try These Ideas For Custom Printed Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

You may try many ideas for your custom printed ice cream cone sleeves to get better sales and reach. Ice cream is one thing that is not time or season bound. You may crave it at midnight or even on the coldest day in December. 

Therefore, it is crucial to have the best-looking packaging for your ice cream cones to attract customers. 

We have gathered some of the ideas that you may try for your custom printed ice cream cone sleeves for even better sales than before. 

Follow The Trends

People these days love to follow trends. It is a time when social media is dominating our lives, and people use these platforms to express their opinions. Look at the public and see what they want in the packaging. 

You can have custom printed ice cream cone sleeves just as your customers want them to be. If they are a fan of bold designs, use them on your sleeves, but if they also like to have minimal designs or prints on the packaging, you may follow them. 

Just look at trending styles and designs and incorporate them into your packaging. It is also an excellent option to look at your fellow brands to improve your cone packaging and lure customers to your brand. 

Use Pastels Or Dark Colors

You can have your waffle cone paper sleeves in different colors because not everyone is a fan of white or brown packaging. You can coordinate your scoop’s color to the packaging, but you may also divide the packaging’s colors according to the season. 

Pastels give a soothing and calm vibe; therefore, you may use pastel packaging in summer and spring. However, dark colors favor warm and feisty vibes, so you may use them in winter and autumn. But that is not a compulsion; you may use any palette in any season. 

Attract Children With Their Favorites

custom cone sleeves can also attract children by using their favorite on them. If you want children to come running and beg their parents to buy them your ice cream, or cones, make the packaging exciting. 

You may use Hulk or Disney Princess on the packaging to attract the targeted audience and thus have better sales.

Get Affordable Rates For Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

If you are looking for better rates than the market, then do a little research and see if there are any sleeve boxes wholesale manufacturers around you. Contact them and ask for the prices they will offer you for these packaging cones. 

You may also contact a packaging company to see their better offers. They usually have a more extensive setup and better-discounted rates that you may avail yourself of. 

Getting in touch with a packaging company directly will save money upfront because there will be no third party involved in the business. 

Summarizing The Discussion 

Try these new ideas on your custom printed ice cream cone sleeves and get a fantastic customer response.
You may contact a good packaging company to deliver custom sleeve box packaging to your warehouse at affordable rates. 


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