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Booking Express Travel Reviews Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

One of the best things to do in Cabo San Lucas is to enjoy the beaches, explains Booking Express Travel. There are several beautiful beaches in the area, including the Playa del Amor, which is also known as Lover’s Beach. Another popular beach in the area is the Divorce Beach, which is named as such because of the rough water. You can also enjoy a range of activities and tours while in Cabo San Lucas.


Those interested in extreme sports can try ziplining or go horseback riding. There are plenty of activities to keep you active, and ziplining through the desert area is one of the most popular ones in the area. You can choose a beginner’s tour or one that is more challenging, depending on your skill level.

Another fun activity in Cabo San Lucas is to visit the Cabo San Lucas Museum. The museum features exhibits about the area’s history, environment, and early people. You can also see some of the instruments used by early sailors. If you’re staying in Cabo San Lucas, you can take a taxi into San Jose del Cabo, which is a short half-hour drive away.

Booking Express Travel experts say the ocean in Cabo San Lucas is home to an incredible ecosystem of marine life. You can kayak to popular snorkeling sites or you can hire a tour to visit one of the most popular locations. Pelican Rock is an especially good place to go snorkeling. You’ll see a variety of tropical fish, as well as amazing coral and other creatures. The temperature of the water is consistently 70 degrees or higher, which is perfect for swimming and other water activities.

Another activity you should try while in Cabo San Lucas is zip-lining. This activity is very popular and will leave you breathless. You’ll be surrounded by amazing scenery that will make the ride even more exciting. If you have time, you can even go surfing. There are many things to do in Cabo San Lucas, and you can choose from a variety of activities to suit your tastes.

Another popular activity, Booking Express Travel memebrs, in Cabo is whale watching. While whales can be seen throughout the year in the Sea of Cortez, the best time to view the whales is from December to April. However, January to March is best for baby whale viewing, and you can find many whale watching tour companies that specialize in this activity.

While in Cabo San Lucas, be sure to take time to visit some of the historical landmarks. This area is famous for its stunning scenery and great weather. For golfers, Cabo San Lucas has 18 golf courses designed by world-famous golfers. If you don’t have the time to play golf, you can always take an Uber to San Jose del Cabo, which is only 30 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas.

Another great activity to do in Cabo San Lucas is taking a sailboat ride, explains Booking Express Travel. These luxury boats will take you out to sea, providing breathtaking views and canapes for guests to enjoy during the sunset. These tours usually last about two and a half hours, and start at $89 USD. You can book a sailboat at a local marina.


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